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domingo, 23 de septiembre de 2012

RINGER serie completa

Para huir de su pasado, una chica decide adoptar la personalidad de su hermana gemela, que se ha suicidado. Lo malo es que averigua que la vida de su hermana no era tan fácil ni tan bonita como suponía.

Sarah Michelle Gellar ... Bridget Kelly
Kristoffer Polaha ... Henry Butler
Ioan Gruffudd ... Andrew Martin
Nestor Carbonell ... Victor Machado
Zoey Deutch ... Juliet Martin
Mike Colter ... Malcolm Ward
Justin Bruening ... Tyler Barrett
Jason Dohring ... Mr. Carpenter
Jaime Murray ... Olivia Charles
Andrea Roth ... Catherine Martin

eeuu 2011 castellano

01 pilot
02 she's ruining everything
03 if you ever want a french lesson
04 it's gonna kill me but i'll do it
05 a whole new kind of bitch
06 the poor kids do it everyday
07 oh gawd there's two of them
08 maybe we can get a dog instead
09 shut up and eat your bologna
10 that's what you get for trying to kill me
11 it just got normal
12 what are you doing here ho bag
13 it's easy to cry when this much cash is involved
14 whores don't make that much
15 ps you're an idiot
16 you're way too pretty to go to jail
17 what we have is worth the pain
18 that woman's never been a victim her entire life
19 let's kill bridget
20 if you're just an evil bitch then get over it
21 it's called improvising bitch
22 I'm the good twin

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